This web site was started back in August 1999 as a study of stupid internet related things. Since that day, we have expanded to ALL stupid things of the world... people, products, holidays, places, ideas... we think you get the point.

  Right now we have no features! However, In the coming months we do have plans of rolling out additional features to the site... all of which have come directly from visitors to the site! Below is a sampling of the things to come!

A top 10 list of wastes... voted on by visitors
Reviews of products, movies, TV shows, people, companies, holidays, etc... where visitors can add their own views
A daily featured waste, with discussions
Searchable archive of past wastes
Weekly newsletters about new wastes

If you think of something we have missed send us your thoughts!

Question Can I submit a new waste of money?
Answer Sure! We would love to have your opinions for the site... please use the contact us page to submit your waste of money.
Question How long has this site been around?
Answer We started the site in a limited manner back in 1999. Since we had many requests we decided to expand a bit.
Question Are you hiring at the time?
Answer Not right now... but thanks for asking. We expect to begin hiring shortly though, so keep us in mind.
Question Do you accept donations in the form of cash?
Answer YES! If you feel you want to support us we will gladly send you our address.

If you would rather support us with a link then we have a few below you can use... please let us know if you decide to use them.

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